What we do

Dog Walks

Dogs require daily exercise to remain fit and healthy.

We walk dogs in groups for between 45 minutes to one hour.

Dogs can be let off lead with owner’s consent and if we are happy with your dog’s recall.

A variety of local locations are used. We will always tidy up after your dog and when returning home will ensure it has enough water and if required, we can also feed.

For the safety and comfort of your dogs, we only walk friendly dogs and, when possible, no more than 4 are walked at any one time.

Home Visits

Our home visits may suit you if you have a puppy or an elderly dog that is unable to join us on a walk.

We can pop in to either let your dog into the garden or for a stroll around the block.

We will ensure your dog has water and, if you require, we can also feed before we leave.

We can also feed cats and other small pets and clean any litter trays or hutches.

If you are on holiday, we can check that your house is secure when we carry out a home visit.

Pet Taxi

Maybe your pet has an appointment at the groomers or the vets, or you need it dropping off or collecting after being on holiday.

Don’t book a day off work, we can help.

We can safely collect and deliver your pet as you require.

Unfortunately as we are busy with dog walks during the day, pet taxi will only be available after 4pm weekdays. Weekends are more flexible.

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